Licensing Opportunities

HIGHStyle offers individual and organizational/site licenses for usage rights of its signature copyright programs and materials.

The benefits of acquiring a HIGHStyle License are:

  • Training is provided, e.g., you can earn up to 4 certificates and/or an all-inclusive certification (International Civility Trainers Consortium (ICTC) endorsed- the only credential of its kind in North America)
  • All materials are provided; there are no additional costs
  • Training can be a combination of live training, distance training, webinars or one on one coaching; you co-devise a training plan that works for you
  • Licenses are renewable after 3 years with no additional fees payable for the duration of the License term
  • You will have ongoing access to the expert team at HIGHStyle
  • With the Certification Program, you can be up and running in your own business and earning income within 90 days

The Perfect Fit

Licensing Opportunities

A HIGHStyle License may be just right for you if you are:

  • Thinking about starting a career as an Impression Management Professional
  • Looking for services and products to add to your existing styling, beauty, pageant, salon, garment, or fashion business
  • Presenting communication or social skills training already and hoping to add new, related programs and services to your business
  • Working for an organization that needs to offer training in one or more of the four HIGHStyle skill areas onsite, ongoing
  • Seeking learning or credentials in this exciting field for personal or professional development reasons

License Package Components

Licensing Opportunities
  • Usage and Duplication License, valid for 3 years, renewal fee is 10% of the original License and is valid for 3 additional years.
  • Website template and initial help with web content along with support in developing a social media
  • Ready to use training curriculum. These are packaged as “toolkits”, each toolkit includes an Instructor Manual, a Participant Guide, PowerPoint slides, and supplemental or support documents. NOTE: there are 4 core subject areas. Each core subject area includes 4 unique curriculum kits.
  • MannersTV, with reseller opportunity
  • ICTC membership
  • ICTC exam preparation and Certified Impression Management Professional Certification (CIMP ®) exam
  • Train the Trainer, this training is REQUIRED for all Licensees (can be covered both live and online)
  • Sample fliers and marketing supports
  • Stylist Starter Kit (with full license and Stylist Site license)
  • Color Analyst Starter Kit (with full license and Stylist Site license)
  • Trainer Props Kit (provided at Live Training)
  • Affiliate network and support
  • Personalized coaching plan with assigned mentor
  • Cross-promotion opportunites with HIGHStyle corporate office
  • A starter HIGHStyle reference library (5 books provided at living training)
  • HIGHStyle head office attendance and supports with fist event/training session
  • Ongoing discounts and promotions on training tools, props, etc. (i.e. color analysis kits, stylist kits, etc.) and access to beauty products (coming soon) for additional revenue stream opportunities
  • Access to Fashionista Club and Couture Club programming after 6 months (additional fee)
  • Licensee Trainee Manual (training provided live and/or online)