Executive Finishing School

Executive Finishing School

Research out of Harvard University suggests that
because our long-term success in work and
in life is 85% dependent on our ‘soft skills’,
we would all be wise to make sure
we are socially competent.

Executive Finishing School

3-DAY CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professionals©.

Boost your social savvy and learn to project credibility and competency through your professional image. Canada’s leading civility expert Lew Bayer and internationally certified impression management strategist Courtney Feldman deliver this comprehensive 16 hour course in civility, corporate courtesies, professional image, social intelligence, and modern manners.


  • Graduates entering the workforce
  • Individuals changing jobs
  • Employees transitions to leadership positions
  • Human resources and/or workplace trainers looking of new training tools


  • How to present credibility and confidence through your professional  image and how to feel confident in a variety of business and social settings
  • The nuances of effective communication considering: technology, diversity, and office politics
  • Behaviors that are respectful and respected in business settings; how to be ‘etiquette-wise’ and avoid social and business faux-pas that can cost your reputation
  • Successful networking and dining etiquette skills that will get you noticed

FEE: $499.00+ tax;


  • June 9 – 11, 2017, Winnipeg, MB

Contact inquiries@highstyleimage.co to register or to inquire about hosting a tailored Executive Finishing School session within your school or workplace.

Note: Attendees will receive a Level 1 Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professionals©, session handout materials, a 4 course dining tutorial, e-book The Power of Civility, a $100 credit voucher for future training sessions with Civility Experts Inc and discounted pricing on individualized follow-up coaching with HIGHStyle Image.


The Executive Finishing School is now available online. Visit our online training page to access the course.

Download poster to distribute within your workplace:  Executive Finishing School

Presented by HIGHStyle Image in partnership with Civility Experts Inc