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Professional Style Update

Did you know that you might be sabotaging your style efforts by wearing clothes that visually add weight to your frame or downplay your best features? Being able to convey your personality and confidence through your outward appearance can be a powerful tool.

What we wear and how we wear our clothes, speaks directly to our professional image of credibility and confidence. Our image is most often the first impression we make with someone – this is why it is critical that what we choose to wear each day compliments our body type and highlights our best features.

This insightful and introspective, customized session will cover important aspects of style and dressing, including the basics of fit and proportion and effectively using colour.

In this customized session you will explore: 

  • Understanding the key categories and elements of style and how they work together to present a powerful image;
  • Identifying your personal and corporate brand – articulating the message your want to portray through your professional presence;
  • Finding practical ways to create a wardrobe that marries your personal style with your personal brand.
  • Why fit and proportion are important, the elements of an outfit and how to dress according to your body type
  • The impact of colour and how to choose colours that bring out your inner brightness and play your skin tone.

Having this knowledge will enable you to:

  • Understand the various elements that make up your personal style.
  • Understand the importance and relevance of defining a personal brand that resonates with you.
  • Make a lasting impression by communicating your personal brand through your style.
  • Describe the elements of an outfit that impact fit and proportion.
  • Visually recognize the “ideal” body type and begin to create balanced outfits.
  • Choose outfits that bring out your inner brightness and play up your skin tone

The session concludes with customized styling tips that will leave you looking and feeling your BEST!

Session Add-Ons:

  • Learning quick and easy methods to hair styling and make-up that will leave you feeling polished and ready for the office in only minutes!
  • Discover what skin care and make-products you should be using – and where to find them!
  • Wardrobe Assessment and Personal Shopping!
Professional Style Update

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Professional Style Update


“The Professional Presence Update session with Courtney was great! As a woman transitioning into the professional business world, the knowledge and insight Courtney offered was invaluable. I learned a lot about what works for my skin tone and body type, and the session provided me with solid guidance in developing a professional wardrobe and look.”
– Rochelle Huppe