85% Of Personal & Business Success Result of “Soft Skills”

Harvard University Research – 85% Of Personal & Business Success Result of “Soft Skills” – New Initiative Teaches Soft Skills Online

FOR IMMED. RELEASE (Winnipeg, May 4th)  A Harvard University study found that as much as 85% of success in both professional and personal life comes from something everyone has the power to control.   While many think success is based on who you know or the economic status you were born into, research shows that it is actually a person’s “soft skills” that make all the difference.  With this information, it makes sense for anyone with goals and yet unrealized ambitions to take immediate steps to improve his/her social competence.

And that’s where Executive Finishing School, comes in. Two powerhouse Canadian companies have teamed up for this exciting new initiative.  Civility Experts Inc., internationally renowned leaders in the social competence skills space have partnered with HIGHStyle Impression Management – an in demand Winnipeg-based firm -specialist in personal and professional image-that works internationally and has garnered some extremely positive local attention lately – (HIGHStyle President Courtney Feldman was recently the focus of a long segment about her work on Global TV’s morning show.)

Lew Bayer, CEO, Civility Experts Inc. says, “Courtney and her team at HighStyle share the Civility Experts view that while how you look and act is important, long-term success is in large part due to your social competence – how  you treat people and the values that drive your decision-making, these are critical. Our joint online Executive Finishing School program covers all of these elements.”

“The Executive Finishing School provides it’s learners with the tools necessary to be competitive in today’s world of work,” says Feldman, “The strategic partnership between Civility Experts Worldwide and HIGHStyle Impression Management brings together the worlds of civility and impression management, helping people boost their social competence and refine their professional presence.”

In today’s world of work, this can give a learner a strong competitive advantage.  The Executive Finishing School curriculum gives learners effective strategies that can be incorporated into their professional routines, and boosting their social competence.  Those who complete the course will earn a Certificate in Social Competence for Business, which, as HIGHStyle’s Courtney Feldman goes on to say, “will set professionals on the path to long term success!”

Topics covered include:

  • What is civility and why should I care about it?
  • Understanding trends/influences that define modern manners in the workplace
  • Socially competent behaviors that are respected and respected in business settings
  • Successful networking skills that will get you noticed
  • How to present credibility confidence through your professional image and communication style
  • The nuances of effective communication considering: technology, diversity, and office politics

After completing the program, participants will :

  • Be “etiquette-wise” and avoid social and business faux pas that can cost their reputation
  • Exhibit high personal standards and lead by example
  • Navigate sticky situations related to rudeness and incivility in the workplace
  • Feel confident in a variety of business and social settings
  • Leverage their social savvy and be more socially competent
  • Set goals based on personal and professional priorities

Executive Finishing School online :

Video about Executive Finishing School :


HIGHStyle’s Courtney Feldman is available for media interviews.


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