Announcing International Presence with New Licensing Opportunities

Press Release: New International Presence with New Licensing Opportunities in Impression Management

FOR IMMED. RELEASE : (Winnipeg, Canada; Nov 30, 2017) Canadian based HIGHStyle Impression Management, announces today that they are ready to allow people around the world access to the formula that has made the company so successful in its home country. HIGHStyle has done much to grow Canada’s impression management scene – including appearances in major media and other impressive milestones.


The company was founded in Winnipeg in 1999, with Courtney Feldman taking over the helm in 2015. Feldman says that while she is proud of its many successes; and prouder still of those they have coached and worked with over the years – there is something really special about this international expansion. “Not only does it allow HIGHStyle Impression Management the opportunity to expand into the international marketplace – but even more importantly to us, it allows us to offer trainers everywhere- and those who wish to be – an opportunity to empower themselves and their communities through our new impression management training modules.”

First Impressions Matter

In today’s connected world, where reputation follows one whether in business or personal life more than ever before, what HIGHStyle Impression Management offers is really important – no matter where in the world a person lives. “We teach people to teach others how to present an image that reflects their personal brand and enhances their credibility,” says Feldman, “And now, people working in any country can grow their business – or actually launch a new company with our new impression management modules.”

HIGHStyle‘s offerings are aimed at established trainers as well as those interested in launching a brand new business, and its impression management curriculum will empower licensees to differentiate and diversify their offerings and reach new markets. Their offerings are broad, and have application in every important area of life. Topics include: Professional Presence, Podium Protocol & Presentation Skills, Performance & Confidence, and Social Skills & Etiquette.

Asked what she might say to those considering adding HIGHStyle‘s latest offering to their business model, Feldman says, “In our increasingly competitive market, your clients need the tools and strategies outlined in the HIGHStyle training modules to succeed. Impression management will bring your business – and your clients! – to new heights.”

Licensing Package Components

• Ready-to-use impression management training curriculum. Each toolkit includes a detailed Instructor Manual, a ready-to-use Participant Guide, modern and eye-catching PowerPoint slides.
• Customized mentoring and training to help you build up to 6 new revenue streams and differentiate your corporate brand.
• Comprehensive Trainee Manual, including 16 business training modules that will have you up and running in weeks!
• Interactive training and hands-on support including the use of professional marketing and branding tools.
• ICTC-endorsed Certified Impression Management Professional (CIMP™) exam.

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