Waiting to Wear White to the Office

Did you grow up with a mother telling you it isn’t appropriate to wear white until Easter weekend…and then it must promptly be stored away come Labour Day? I did. No questions asked, that was just the rule…passed down from the generations.

The Rule

This at times controversial ‘wearing white’ rule of course has strong supporters and opinionated critics. Many supporters believe it is simply bad manners to wear white before Easter weekend while others take a more practical approach and attribute the rule to simply…the weather. And the critics, well…they live on the edge don’t they!

Fast-forward many years…and does this rule that was engrained in our minds, still stand at all? To be honest, I reached for my white jeans the other day and hesitated…old habits don’t fade! I quickly grounded myself in the present time and realized, there are no fashion rules anymore.

Wear what makes you look and feel your best.

Skinny jeans…boy friend cut jeans. Retro, classic or avant garde. Mini clutch…oversized purse. Off the shoulder camisole…turtle neck. Thigh-high boots….booties. White jeans in January – sure, why not!

Anything goes these days. When we talk about style, there is no right or wrong answer and in fact, today, it is extremely difficult to event categorize styles as it seems as though everyone selects elements of a variety of styles and makes it their own!

So if it is white that makes you look and feel your best…I say ROCK it…regardless of the time of year! 

Wear white to the office for a classic look. 

Wearing white to the office, when done properly, can send a polished and sophisticated message. When pulling together a professional look, while wearing white to work consider:Adding a splash of colour and accessorize!

If not done properly, white can wash you out, leaving you looking pale and tired. Spruce up your white with a splash of colour and a fabulous accessory.

Opting for off-white.

The close family relatives of white – your creams and ivories – show an elegant look with polished professionalism.

Playing with textures and adding layers.

Wearing white can leave you feeling bare! Consider adding a layer for added confidence you are covered.

Wear white all year long.

And so you are now loving white and going against your inner voice – you want to wear white all year long, but how? First step is to throw the image of light, linen flowing white sun dresses out of your head – you will never master the art of wearing white during the winter months with those images in your head! Instead think of chunky sweaters, layered oxford shirts and white denim with blazers.

Stay tuned for a blog…right before Labour Day of course…on practical tips to wearing white next winter!

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