Why Does Image Matter to Your Business

Image can make or break your business.

The way you and your employees dress and present themselves speaks volumes about your business. It’s one of the reasons many businesses expect a certain level of professional etiquette for anyone who deals with customers.

Image does matter to your business and the people in your business are part of that image. If a new customer was to walk in this moment and an employee greeted them in ripped jeans and muffled “hello,” it wouldn’t make a great first impression.

Image Is The Vital First Impression

The first time a consumer interacts with your business, their first impression is the employee they deal with. If that person is unprofessional, uncertain and dressed inappropriately, the first impression is not going to be a good one. In fact, they may leave and then you will need to work harder to establish your credibility!

Your business only gets one chance to make a lasting first impression. Make sure the image you present is a positive, professional one.

Employees Are The Face Of Your Business

Your business isn’t just judged on your products or services. It’s also judged on those who represent the business. Think of your employees as the face of your business. The image they present is the image your business presents to the world. Spending time creating a dress code and training employees to become image ambassadors for your business could mean the difference between succeeding and watching clients go to the competition.

The Right Image Inspires Trust

People are more likely to do business with someone they think appears trustworthy. While the appropriate attire for your business is important, personality is even more vital. A confident, energetic, and sincere greeting draws people in and makes them not only feel more comfortable with your business, but more trusting as well. When they trust you, they’re more likely to become loyal customers.

Image: Kirill Zakharov

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