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Raise your professional presence...

and take your business to new heights.

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Your Image.
Your Brand.

Master a professional pressence that
projects credibility and confidence.

First Impressions Count - High Style Impression Management - Winnipeg, Manitoba

First impressions count...

Presenting a positive, lasting impression
can make all the difference.

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Be careful...
your standards are showing!

Learn how elevating employees’ professional presence can increase your profits.

Impressions Matter

HIGHStyle Impression Management Professionals

Whether you are…

  • leading a team that needs to exhibit a professional presence
  • recently graduated, re-entering the workplace or accepting a promotion and wanting to put your best foot forward
  • finding yourself called upon to speak in public or network within your industry

…or are just in the mood to freshen up your look, boost your confidence, or feel socially confident – presenting a positive, lasting impression can make all the difference.

The HIGHStyle team is available to help with customized impression management training, consultations, and related services.


Private Consultations

Creating Your Brand

First impressions count. If you’re serious about building your personal or professional brand, you have to consider everything from how you dress and speak, to how you present yourself in a range of social settings. Through private consultations, HIGHStyle will help you create a confident, cohesive, and attractive professional brand.

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Corporate Training

Elevate Your Standards

Business Casual or Cocktail Networking Attire or Uniform Demands. Dress codes are just one of the many confusing aspects in building, maintaining and projecting a professional impression within your workplace. Let the experts of HIGHStyle help your team consistently present a positive, professional and lasting first impression.

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Public Classes

Building Your Skills

Do you feel nervous walking into a room full of strangers? Worry about your table manners or whether you are meeting and greeting people appropriately? Research shows up to 85% of your long term success is based on your social skills. HIGHStyle offers private consultations and public workshops if you need to brush up on business or social etiquette.

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Featured Programs

Online Training - High Style Image - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Online Training

Commit to improving the impression you leave with others and enroll in one of our online courses today! Boost your social savvy and learn to project credibility and competency through your professional image by earning a Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professionals® or learn to leverage your first impressions by completing one of our four key certificate programs.

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Career Management

Career Management

Whether you are embarking on a new career journey or are looking to make a career change, the experts at HIGHStyle can help you manage your career path with confidence.

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Visit our calendar for a complete listing of upcoming public classes.

See a class you are interested in but the timing doesn’t work for you? Don’t hesitate to contact our office to inquire about availability for alternate dates.



Professional Presence Makeover – Your Style Update!

What you wear and how you wear your clothes, speaks directly to your professional image of credibility and confidence. Your image is most often the first impression we make with someone – it is critical that what you choose to wear each day compliments your body type and highlights your best features.

Learn more about this insightful and introspective, customized session that will leave you looking and feeling your best!

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